Night Conductor

See also

  • auto-scheduler

  • tracking-metadata.rst

  • Workflow

What Does Night Conductor Do?

The night-conductor VM processes the Pub/Sub “counter” subscriptions, extracts metadata, and stores it in BigQuery. See tracking-metadata.rst.

Night-conductor used to control the nightly start/stop of various broker components (e.g., consumer), hence the name, but it doesn’t do that anymore.

Where to look if there’s a problem

See View and Access Resources for details like where to view logs, how to ssh into a VM, etc.

Night Conductor’s Logs

Compare night conductor’s logs with the scripts it runs. You probably want to start with:

  • at the code path broker/night_conductor/

  • at the code path broker/night_conductor/start_night/

  • at the code path broker/night_conductor/end_night/

Remember that the actual scripts used by night conductor are stored in its broker_files bucket. Fresh copies are downloaded to the VM prior to execution.

You can also look at the logs from other resources.