A Reference for Common Setup Requirements

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For API calls via python, are you need for authentication is to set two environment variables. For API calls via the gcloud CLI, there is an additional authentication step.

Set environment variables

The following environment variables are used to authenticate you to make API calls to Google Cloud.

For reference, our current project IDs are:

  • production project: ardent-cycling-243415

  • testing project: avid-heading-329016

You will also need to know that path to your local authentication key file (service account credentials), which you downloaded during Setup Local Environment.

# fill a Google Cloud project ID (see above for some options)
export GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT=<project_id>
# fill in the path to your service account key file associated with the above project
export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=<path/to/GCP_auth_key.json>

Authenticate to gcloud

You should only need to run this once, unless you want to switch the project or service account that gcloud is using.

# make sure you set your environment variables in the previous step.
gcloud auth activate-service-account \
    --project="${GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT}" \

Install broker-utils

Our broker-utils python library contains many functions that are helpful in working both alerts and GCP services. It can be installed using (you may want to activate a Conda environment before installing):

pip install pgb-broker-utils