Cloud File Storage

This tutorial covers downloading and working with files from our Cloud Storage buckets via two methods: the pgb-utils Python package, and the gsutil CLI.

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  1. Complete the Initial Setup. Be sure to:

    • set your environment variables

    • enable the Cloud Storage API

    • install the google-cloud-bigquery package if you want to use Python

    • install the pgb-utils package if you want to plot the data using Python

    • install the CLI if you want to use the command line

File names

We store the alert packets as Avro files named as “{objectId}.{candid}.{ztf_topic}.avro”




from import storage
import pgb_utils as pgb

Name some things

# fill in the path to the local directory to which you want to download files
local_dir = ''

my_project_id = os.getenv('GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT')
pgb_project_id = 'ardent-cycling-243415'

Download files

Download alerts for a given objectId

objectId = 'ZTF17aaackje'
bucket_name = f'{pgb_project_id}-ztf-alert_avros'

# Create a client and request a list of files
storage_client = storage.Client(my_project_id)
bucket = storage_client.get_bucket(bucket_name)
blobs = bucket.list_blobs(prefix=objectId)

# download the files
for blob in blobs:
    local_path = f'{local_dir}/{}'
    print(f'Downloaded {local_path}')

Plot cutouts and lightcurves

The functions in this section were adapted from

Open a file (see the previous section to download files)

paths = Path(local_dir).glob('*.avro')
for path in paths:
    with open(path, 'rb') as fin:
        alert_list = [r for r in fastavro.reader(fin)]
alert_dict = alert_list[0]  # extract the single alert packet


Plot cutouts


Cast to a dataframe and plot lightcurves

lc_df = pgb.utils.alert_dict_to_dataframe(alert_dict)

Plot everything together


Command line

See also:

Get help

gsutil help
gsutil help cp

Download a single file

# fill in the path to the local directory to which you want to download files
# fill in the name of the file you want. see above for the syntax
# file_name=ZTF17aaackje.1563161493315010012.ztf_20210413_programid1.avro

gsutil cp "gs://${avro_bucket}/${file_name}" ${local_dir}/.