Delete the Broker

To delete or “teardown” a broker instance means to permanently delete all resources and data associated with that instance. Testing instances should be deleted when they are no longer needed. Production instances must be deleted manually; the automated script used below is specifically configured to prevent their deletion. If you setup any resources manually, the script used below does not know about them so delete them manually.

survey=ztf  # use the same survey used in broker setup
testid=mytest  # use the same testid used in broker setup

# to use a local script, cd into the directory
# cd Pitt-Google-Broker/broker/setup_broker

# otherwise, download and use the script from the instance's bucket
gsutil cp "gs://${bucket}/${fsetup}" .

# delete everything associated with the instance
./ "$testid" "$teardown" "$survey"
# you will be prompted several times to confirm