figures contains functions for plotting alert and history data.


Adapted from:

pgb_utils.pgb_utils.figures.plot_lightcurve(dflc: pandas.core.frame.DataFrame, objectId: Optional[str] = None, ax: Optional[matplotlib.axes._axes.Axes] = None, days_ago: bool = True)[source]

Plot the lighcurve (per band) of a single ZTF object. Adapted from:

  • dflc – Lightcurve history of a unique objectId. Must contain columns [‘jd’,’fid’,’magpsf’,’sigmapsf’,’diffmaglim’]

  • objectId – objectId identifying dflc. Used for plot title.

  • ax – matplotlib axes for the figure. If None, a new figure will be created

  • days_ago – If True, x-axis will be number of days in the past. Else x-axis will be Julian date.


Adapted from:

pgb_utils.pgb_utils.figures.plot_stamp(stamp, fig=None, subplot=None, **kwargs)[source]

Adapted from: